Saturday, February 20, 2016

Waiting for Love

We are given drivers like testosterone and adrenalin  to make us come alive , Our job is not as the simpletons suggest , to give into them but to deal wit them . To do as many do in our age and say" do what your feel like ' is not only to condemn young people to a life of no tension but much trouble as they get tossed and drowned in  sea of determinism .

Ours is a stupid age - when we we have everything we want but know not what we want . Tis not for having no eyes to see or ears to hear but a failure to hear the cry of wonder and grace from the gospels .

Men and women have to often wait long for grace but as its God's gift it will come  . Love is foremost patient . Study patient love even in Shakespeare and in Queen Portia and her waiting Maid Nerissa.

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