Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Takes one to know one - when the fight gets personal

Don't you hate it when a discussion turns personal . It happens even in the best regulated families, including my own... where I sometimes start  it . 
Confession time. 
What do you do when it happens to you? - well IMO there is not much you can do when it happens to you because there is often too much anger in the room. Adrenalin takes over and real sins get confused with real risks. ( such as physical violence ) Anger itself is not necessarily a sin and can be the adrenalin means to force resolution - if we let it.
The wonderful thing is we can and should learn to deal with it - and the dealing with it is best done later,, though not as long as in the play mentioned below . The good book says "do it "and "do it" before the day ends . Its that simple and it works ! "Do what ?"you might be sayin -- watch the play!

The really wonderful thing is that we can learn to deal with terribly scary things like anger and learn to love again; to find a way forward and not be overcome by fear in family and political life .

The positive side of focusing on what is sin is and why its serious and subtle stuff

 It used to be taught ( 8th commandment ) that attacking the person rather than the argument was wrong . Our defamation laws and many principals build on that one principle were held in clear focus until recently .
Like so many important d
istinctions in accusation law - its somewhat lost to the poorly educated in our community .i have to bite my tongue too cause I break the law too . so iIts easy to get confused / self defensive - esp when you are angry . You may not even admit to yourself you are angry .Esp if you think its always a sin , To see anger as always a sin is to be superficial .  To see anger as always a sin is to sit on 
To see anger as always a sin is to be superficial .  something you probably need to deal with openly . To see anger as always a sin is  to join the bubbling under the surface  majority in maintaining a superficial goodness when a bomb is about to explode  .  
Its acceptable then under OUR law to attack the sin but NOT the sinner . It is equally WRONG under OUR LAW to give the permanent status of sinner to anyone, as many of us still believe strongly in hoping for a change of attitude.

This positive attitude to problem solving should be a point of celebration for us as it has been for our forefathers for thousands of years. .Many lazy thinking moderns are too keen to lock people up forever -- we would all be in there if they had their way 

 you yourself are not real mad at this moment ( which is likely) let  suggest you get into practice for dealing with the next moment you are by watching Shakespeare's brilliant testimony  in "A Winters Tale " ( currently a big hit in London ) Just what the good Doctor ordered.

One of Shakespeare's last plays
 -A Winters Tale (a hit in London right now) makes this point extremely well.

Note that the trigger for the Kings sin is fear and not only that - unfounded fear --The real problem is his problem, not the person he accuses !
There is a lot of fear, projection and unworkable reconciliation effort around -

If we are going to target someone, we are often best to consider the old aussie accusation /question " takes one to know one": and really move on.  

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