Monday, January 04, 2016

A worthy Womans hero

As  a long time single bloke, I used to love listening to the "Coming out" show on the ABC . Most men do like a feisty woman . I waited a long time to find one . Better to know she 's one before you marry her than find out about it later .We all have wills - best we know them clearly at the start!

Dickens ,like many of us when we are young,  chose the beautiful one and came to realize his mistake quite soon .  We best marry the tough one,  so we can make our war on ourselves and the world work ,
Dickens  realization that he had made a mistake didn't stop him loving her and learning to grow his love . This is the wonder of reading Dickens. There is hope if you go looking and loving and you are willing to change your mind about what you see. ( I am reading Chesterton on Dickens at the moment - exquisite )

Dickens Aunt is a classic . The ultimate man hater she would beat any of the modern feminists to the table of ritual dissection of a mans faults. Most amazing of all,  this obnoxious woman ends up being the real hero of the life story of Dickens- endearing us to his generation and in a  concrete way to all generations . We can love again if we take our eyes off our hurt and disappointment .God gives us what he gives us -make the most of it and prove its all grace in the end my friend !  ( a word from my father)

Like so many of our precious daughters Aunt Copperfield was deeply hurt by a man , perhaps many men including perhaps her father or uncles or teachers . Only takes one ? On the surface it could seem like there was no end to this cruelty .As a man its true ,  testosterone speaks to you all the time - potentially  leading us to crime . But nature is our sister not our master ,or indeed our mother .
The new generation must learn to resist temptation - not call it, as the devil would -heaven on hold .

Dickens ,would of course not be able to drag us back to love and loving if it wasn't for his own experience of deep deprivation . He would not be silly or shallow enough to fall for the gushing talk of our failed motherhoods in Parliament - who only see disadvantage and a supply of cushions from our vast store of stupid but toxic sentiment ( a dangerous post Christian heresy and legacy of simpleminded secularism )
The damned list of bad doers goes on forever,  just like the hole you can dig for yourself into if you want to go the blame game route.  It's never been easier to blame nature because it absolves everyone in the audience but noone in particular. Nature as a object of worship is not without its own teeth and tearing claws  O hole is a hole and  there is only one way out .

Yes , Aunt Copperfield is my hero for the moment:  Deeply hurt ,  flawed with a careless tongue ( like all of us) Aware finally of her mistake in blaming she' s helped out of the hole by Grace and her own honesty , humility and desire to do right ,  She is then , instead of chasing donkeys , able to love  and feel forgiveness and becomes  a  renewed source of the deepest  love  for so many of us .   

A reformed feminist has recently put this victimization "poor me " trap and disease into context.  The factual feminist Prof Christina Hoff Sommers

A word from my mother --"Women of Israel"

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