Saturday, February 28, 2015

Women in the west need something better

Smart TV commentators make the people pay a high price for pretending they know things they don't - babbling on for years with plain prejudice and complete ignorance of the deeper things which influence individuals - paid speculators instead of true reporters .
An important area of ignorance is indicated by Steve Canaine's question on ABC thedrum " Why do so many women prefer to take their faith seriously ( in this case Islam) when the risk of domination by males is higher '?"  Young women are joining ISIS forces in the Middle East .

 A reasonable question for sure, but the answer is obvious to anyone who has a faith that encompasses evil and doesn't ignore it - like they do . The answer is because" our" cultural answer for them " everyone does what they feel like" is a death trap to families; smart women reject this aspect of this faithless cultural position. 

Muslims share the hospitality and family protection rules of Judeo-Christian faiths which can make them very very attractive to people who come close to them .-esp those who realize that the dominant faith in "doing what you like " ruins families in the West . Explains why women are happy to join up despite risk of more domination by males . Time we all ditched the unsatisfying and unsustainable "freedom is everything " rubbish talked about by Germaine Greer. Young women are more comfortable growing up with rules than" fending for themselves " in the street " as far too many of ours do . Love and hate are powerful drivers from the same tree but you wont get anything but confusion from the TV. Infact religoius people are supposed to be nutty according to TV - strange definitely, but not mostly mad , if you know any. And the ABC in particular ( with the exception of their recent BBCseries like Father Brown and the Midwives )keep up their non reporting of this big cultural world outside their own . The Age too want us to believe they too know something about evil . Too little too late for real progressives


journeymanj said...

Endless speculation over what is in Malcolm Turnbull's mind must be another bit of evidence of their ignorance and arrogance.

Johnniem said...

A reformed feminist has recently put this victimization "poor me' trap and disease into context.Prof Christina Hoff Sommers

That its a trap and deep hole is evident by both the anger and frustration of those who talk it , but don't resolve it. failed relatonships need an answer and the only suitable answer is the other bloke . Takes two to tango; who indeed has the wrong attitude - sometimes both? feelings with out a frame describes their unhappiness game ? There is no way out when you dig yourself into a hole. There’s no then sustainable form of advice to our children .
While many women refuse to admit it , there is no way out except to admit the hole and ask for help to get out .
Auntie Copperfields
mistake writ large as auntie Copperfield chip on the shoulder .