Thursday, May 11, 2006

The creative urge

Heard you talking cautiously about those who make miracle claims. Sounds reasonable, considering the apparent euphoria around what has happened at Beaconsfield .
Struck by the fact that for me , ( and I think most ) the sense of miracle is very personal. A sort of wonderful thing in itself – a bit like the warmth in the pants effect ; not welcomed so much by others?
Nothing hits you when you have a sense of miracle than the difficulty of explaining it to others – after all its your experience ---at least in large measure . And we forget and doubt quite naturally because if God is there he’s not out front in ways we desire.

The best examples I know of miracles are ones where the miracle happened to someone I know and I share a sense of wonder much greater than they do about all the coincidences .
One day I’ll put a few in writing.
BUT I am in a general sense of wonder that the one who could tweak the nuons and quarks should do it with such incredible precision as to be so personal. Is not the testimony of experience of humans that we are made our Creator’s image ? We love to create and if the determinist are right we are kidding ourselves completely.

Either way, I think , JUST like the blind man Jesus healed , most did not want to know .Despite being loud and getting lots of people to defend him and share his knowledge , the wider elements of audience wanted to shut him up . Somethings in the media are very predictable . The challenge is to avoid focusing on them alone ! After all the lowest common denominator is not good science either.

Remember too, that our secular prophets say we are in denial about determinism --and rightly so. – There is , in reality , a lot of things to wonder about ----- if you are prepared not to close the door of the mind / heart on them.
Keep up the good work

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