Sunday, December 11, 2005

The road less travelled

Great to see Jane Austen's novel back up on screen . If you haven't seen it you must !
PRIDE and PREDJUDICE ***** As a great piece of literature, it reminds us, like Solzenitzens first words to the West of one key kink in the human condition . Mum and Dad have their limitations . BUT weren't mum and dad oh so good in the picture !

By agnowledging our parents WEAKNESSEs we learn to agnowledge our own
Was for example Dad's submission to mum always a form of weakness,or a response that was rare and therfore noted on film. Was he stronger than he appeared at first glance? Will weaknesses in our family destroy it ? Of course not - facing weakness is the key to finding love . M&D loved each other- and that love made their children KNOW love.
Solzetnisens point is a very serious one - 60 years of torture - for nothing . we can by thinking like children and focus too much on other weaknesses miss the point and fall lower than even our parents in the parenting and economia game. As normal children we can so easily fall for that appealing temptation that we know a better around their recipe for a happy home ( family society etc ) . We sneer - becoming the new snobs to a new generation of children.

This lack of knowledge is oh so evident in the money our ageing reactionary media people waste on PERIOD PIECE drivel . what don't our ageing reactionary media people not understand that they produce such drivel ? How did CATE BLANCHETT get herself into that dark piece of modern snobbery that is an IDEAL HUSBAND 1999. Too many young Australians do not know what snobbery is and when they are guilty of it . Does Cate too not recognise what makes for good literature? she is not alone in the modern world of people who are forever pointing out whats wrong but don'tknow HOw to Fix things.

REACTIONARIES- How predictable and backward they are!
It was remarked of that prominent stirrer Bernard Shaw that "he fell off his perch" when he realised, after making a living as a reactionary .that Plato's society was infact more dynamic and interesting than his own ,in many many ways.( he got to the top of the tree and surveyed the countryside objectively?
Our modern ageing reactionaries need to stop revisiting the past with their eyes over their reading glasses. Then they might stop making such trash as An ideal husband and not have kept us so long waiting for good literature .Keep up the good work and we'll keep giving you some !

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