Saturday, February 13, 2010

The good marriage

Have seen some great movies lately. If you have too, please share a short post with us at worthwatching . The one that recently really made me sit up and think was an old granada suspense drama movie on VHS( shows how backward I am?)called THE GOOD SOLDIER .Its a must see.

Its a really powerful exploration of 2 couples in particular and the way their best intentions are not enough to get them to really enjoy their marriages . Not that they couldn't just that they didn't. Tell me what you think if you see it ?
Like a lot of good literature its not what's said but what's not said . If only we would confront our thoughts and each other openly and honestly about our failings and guilt ,difficulties there COULD/ would be a lot more reconciliation.
This is a powerful but great story because it forces the audience to go beyond the trite and technique driven reactionary stuff that is all around us ; stuff that simply doesn't cut it and get people back together.

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Did anyone hear Elizabeth Gilbert at the Sydney Writers festival this month ?
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