Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The search for a good man

Stop looking -you have found him  Nuh Sorry I am as bad as the rest. Marry me and you marry trying to change the immovable and even when I am at my best,  I make decisions for her without consulting her .
As I said below( in the post below)  no woman is ever going to find a happy man if both of you are not allowed to get angry .
My problem with modern reactions to domestic violence is they often fear violence rather than understand  it

Maybe the same is true for the kids
.Children need to sense , not that their parents don't fight ( cause we all know they will) but how they do it ,when they do it and how they work for reconciliation. Modelling .
Sure anger risks violence but we must know and accept where the different types  come from . Life is best with understanding not fear (as much domestic violence  is --as is as a product to not show denying it as an naturally useful thing internally driven thing we must manage)  .
Popular superficial myth making says anger is a sin . This is crap so the result of this PC talk is that things go underground :
 If there is no outwardly angry man or woman,  there will be plenty of repressed anger around (when the PC perverse morality version of anger is enthroned)
Does the anger come from self will stamping like a child can show or is it" trespass good and proper", Is it based on "not getting your way "or "seeing others resisting whats good for them or the country"
Despite the simple moral talk , there is such a thing as right anger
MARTIN LUTHER has been crossed off the good books for a long time because he said some truly terrible things about groups of people . While I am not here to defend that,he was a passionate man who "Table talk "and anecdotal notes suggests something close to the closest thing to domestic bliss any of us could hope for .Luther was truly human and taught how to live as a failing human being.
His small catechism for children is exquisitely remembered by many of us for the way it draws us into accepting the need for some rules in life; For drawing us into the love of God .

Apparently his wife Kattie was an aristocrat and well organised and when  he , the swearing peasant who never had to be careful what he said,  got together--- they made lots of good music.
 Luther finally realized he learnt something from her . Quite something for  a man to admit.

Can a good woman ask for anything more than that?.

Can the world not celebrate a man
who ,for his faults,demonstrated in real life that any man however bad , can be subject to the grace and forgiveness of God. Know it ,celebrate it, teach it.
Can the world not celebrate a man who just by showing great political and personal courage showed the world a real man's way forward that has lasted to the present day .More on facebook page Real Men


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