Thursday, October 06, 2016

Stalking the Virgin

The idea that all men are bastards is not new .  It wasn't Germaine Greers idea either .

It wasn't even Shakespeare's where in Cymbeline the thought is well captivated in a moment of despair by a good man tutoring and disciplining himself like no other .
The book of Genesis and the Old testament is full of stories about sex mad people.
Such tough truth talk is all means to an end though in the Bible .
 "You are a rotten lot but I still love you"is its terrifying and troubling  testimony, Yet men still choose to stay condemned -its a form of insanity and blind addiction ,
The Bible , unlike our present pornoaccepto age,  shows their actions to be vain destructive and deadly ."Neighbours:" and "Home and Away" TV  are all good friends and somehow week to week the belief is that "it will all work out ". Strung out and strung along,,,,,,,,, but people watch .

The Bible and Shakespeare call such a hope , nonsense in the extreme -they beg to differ .There is no hope there if you really are there in the midst of that mess .It was true thenand its true TODAY ,
The B&S team say it  will only work out if you / we change our mind about whats right here . And work its magic - yes it can!   Cymbeline ends with this

"never was a war did cease. 

Ere bloody hands were wash'd
With such a peace " 

Unlike the friendly sensible gods who watch Imogen and co  , the gods of our age just smile and say nothing while the families disintegrate and are never put back together again
.Stone cold stunned and silent Buddhas in the garden and back at the studio.

Noone watching the jealous and pathetic IACHIMO  could not see the schoolyard antics of the current school yard stud seeking out the isolated virgin to devour . He will do just as the Italian does and worse - with the tacit approval of the crowd...  God will and must judge .

The deperate sexmad are not satified and they are not satisfied still
This is not how nature intended us to rest and enjoy the company of others .
What decent man can keep his mouth shut while ALL our daughters are at such high risk ; while the prowlers are given no censure or condemnation and the victims no way forward.   

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