Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teenage girls need support not cynicsm

David Koch and Michael Carr Gregg can be such wooses .( Sunrise today )  As men and fathers they wouldn't let there own daughters wander around in the mists of ' do what you feel like ' before they find their prince. The easiest way to laugh off at a idea that threatens us  ( self control is a good idea ) is to show some extreme American group doing something a bit extreme ( they do that)  . Sunrise should ask local churches,  mosques and schools about their programs with the same idea  . I am off listening to SEVEN and disgusted with these 2 weak men .Such a soft touch selling spree so often
If these woosy men  talked from their top heads they would be analysing facebook slanging and recognising how deeply cruel and hypocritical men can be on the subject of sexual purity . Slagging over lack of sexual control is rife  and you ignore that . Are You 2 just selling our daughters  a self control quickfix drug allowing them easy access-- into bed they go again ? .
Girls must stand  and fight for the right to be strong - resist the cynicsm and the technique driven drug culture that says you have more fun by throwing over self control . What do you get for it ? who wants their daughter to develop a reputation ?
Carr Gregg claims resisting temptation doesn't work . "Don't do something because the crowd won't support you" - and YET he dares lectures us about resisting peer group pressure! 1 wonder whatever happened to good olde parent and teacher group pressure? 
Since when did the majority determine the level of happiness , or sound ways to live ? Is clinical study worthless? I wonder if MCG studied the attitudes of those who are still with their princes and princesses ( no theres a study!) . I wonder how many divorces occur because mum and dad disagree about what the other partner , was or wasn't doing to sell self control to their daughters ( sum honesty here  boys! - no reinforcement of adult men in MCG's one sided analysis )
 I don't need the survey to tell me what's happening . Look how many parents want to send their girls to private schools and all the girls happy to go there - study that you selective bookmarkers. There is more to resisting state school degradation than new plaster , paint and wallpaper.

Hypocrisy is not to strong a word for some men who claim to lead , but haven't got the courage to make girls feel even more guilty by telling them the truth they already know . Tough parenting is that - really tough . The clinicians need to study catharsis -because its coming

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