Thursday, February 03, 2011

When someone threatens me - is it wrong ?

Depends on whether you are sitting in the chair or not. , Unfortunately in the blinkered eyes of many bureau brats and post modern reactionaries it is considered by them to be wrong just like they think its wrong of God to get angry ". Unfortunately children get to know the law before they understand  that it is only ever right if it does right - otherwise like most laws its a ass - an unmoving piece of predjudice and stupid millstone stuff
A young child asked this question on ANSWERS - yahoo,  when his mother threatened to not feed him unless he picked up his clothes.
 Is it illegal for a mother to not feed a child?  .
My answer :  Yes , you could send her to jail . You have all that power,WOW so choose well . 
She loves you no doubt because she would happily go to jail if you would only listen and do what she asked you first time long time ago ( remember she asked you .....times before she became wrathful ). - Look TOO at what she is prepared to do to train you before she dies to live reasonably with someone else . She loves you and love threatens mate because if you don't listen - you'll live alone. Not easy though is it to be told what to do - 

Forget being the legal eagle   or you'll spend your life talking about how everyone else but you is breaking  the law all the time.  
Don't worry-- hard work is good for you ( gets easier the more you practice) because it teaches you what is really good ( honoring your parents ) and conversely ( what bullsh talk is all about - you don't get this reality therapy on TV ) --AND not best of all but with some inspiration for you -it will all be over by the time your 18.   
By that time hopefully you will have learned that she's RIGHT and you are WRONG . 

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