Monday, September 12, 2011

If you don't "feel the love", perhaps you are talking to the wrong people

Something decidedly queer about calling Germaine Greer a seer ( "Celebrated  Australian ..."  she was advertised as on ABCqanda last night) . Seems to me the queen of sneer might have  new veneer, but hasn't changed spots !
She hasn't repented of leading a whole generation of baby boomers ( BB and their  kids)  away from their own parents roots . BB,  if they are lucky, only ever grow up by recognising  they benefited substantially from the training they received from their own stale and "upright upholding"parents. ABC may think it is providing answers but if we never confess our errors , the game is still one from kindergarten and about as deep as a birdbath.

 Its not done to say that . " we've failed ". BB are not on trial here-- we've designed qanda to focus on others faults - not our own (Especially when the reality of BB own children's loose moorings are now obvious to them)    Hence we have the silly spectre on qanda of venerating someone who spoke like a child,  acted like a child and still provides no sense of a way back . She and the ABC presenter ducked questions on daughters. Truly a tragic day for the ABC where noone dares talk about the elephant in the room . Answers ( the A in qanda) are meant to elict truth - but there is no way qanda will do that on some subjects .
The 35% of our daughters who are bringing up children on their own - 2009.
What are we going to do with all the Aussie girls who are liberated , but are not free  Its only a clever country if we acknowledge error - judgement day is just prolonged if we ignore our mistakes - Greer will join Mead in that intellectually imbecilic class   of thought to be "intellectual "Aussies whose role , it seems now,  was to reinforce a  popular prejudice.  They don't really have minds of their own - they are not allowed to .
Jones typically pretends to be " answering questions " but just dances around the blocked ends ones . He just ignores the opportunity  and allows the time to be wasted  "talking ourselves silly about Julia" )  ;The hypocrisy of calling qanda informative rather than entertainment is obvious.  The opportunity to listen to Melinda TR  and a few others on a subject that really matters was lost -pure tokenism and weaving .
Tokenism best describes Tony's commitment to answering questions.


journeymanj said...

Deep Desperation at the ABC is obvious . The sexual liberation theologies of the ABC toy girls have proven sterile and sad.( despite the budgets directed at them) Muslim women, it seems, will have to lead the time of confession about the only sustainable basis for respect and relationship unless a few old girls at the ABC wake up and are given the chance to speak up.

Johnniem said...

And here we are with the libertines in the Liberal party of Victoria desperate to let all boys and girls get the children they want and dispose of those they don't . Even doctors are expected to comply. And they see themselves as progressive . Maybe if they were left on the hillsides themselves ( without our pension fro them )they would realise they are no Spartans and there is no need to be that efficient in letting the noisy get what they want.