Sunday, May 01, 2011

Feeling good about yourself

One pretty sure way to feel better about ourselves is to dress up . We often need to feel better about ourselves, so dressing up can help - but it can also hide things that need to be dealt with first . Like what's happening on the inside . Dressing up can hide things that need exposing . One of the best parts of old age is you can't kid yourself about  the contrast between real beauty and superficial beauty on your own body ( I can talk , even though i am quite young really )  .   
We don't easily admit that we need to feel better on the inside to ourselves. That feeling of guilt or inadequacy is often more obvious to others than it is to ourselves -good to have friends or parents to tell you you are fulla......... Honest friends   see it  in us when we " hang it on others" and what "they "are doing wrong - psychologists called it "projection" the good book calls it guilt ( putting your own blame game on them - like Adam  and Eve ). 
We see it in others when they are unhappy when the occasion calls for celebration;  when they gossip or  feel like they are losing it  in the competition stakes ( all of which is uneccesary if you believe you are made and just as important as anyone else- which you are ); when they have done something they regret and haven't confessed it .  Competition ( individual position ) is not the whole of life,  just a part of the bigger picture ( team ) We all have a part to play - just have to find it! 

Every single one of us needs to feel better about ourselves and we all have something to confess ( if we think about it enough) . And because we all suffer the same need we don't always help each other here - stealing the honor or beauty or trying to .The key thing  is we all need to shower everyday ( sometimes many times  a day) 
I loved the way the royal wedding put the clothes issue into perspective . She wore white - not so much a symbol of purity ( which can threaten us ) but a symbol of cleansing. That's where beauty is - its on the inside and we need to strive for that first . Best thing is that while millions missed it ( because they were concentrating on what people were wearing ) several  billions saw just HOW you can find hope and joy - in the prospect of forgiveness - being made clean ( but as both Jewish and Christian traditions show so clearly in their essential traditions when they meet together) - but it must start with accepting it for yourself

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